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January 20, 2011

FAA to mandate aircraft owners to re-register aircraft

An advisor to our TXAA Board of Directors is Bill Gunn.  Most of you know Bill as the Safety Director for the Aviation Dept. of TxDOT.  At the TXAA annual membership meeting on January 19, 2011, he presented this information about what each and every aircraft owner is going to have to do very soon . . . . RE-REGISTER YOUR AIRCRAFT!!

Congress, in their infinite wisdom, have made laws telling the FAA to mandate aircraft owners to re-register their aircraft.  It is a very complicated procedure.  A PDF (6 pages) was created by Bill to help walk you through the procedure.  Also, it will not be a one time chore.  You will have to do this EVERY THREE YEARS to infinitum.


click to view Bill Gunn's PDF
click to view Bill Gunn's 6-page PDF


I can’t emphasize how important it is that each aircraft owner comply with this new law.  If you don’t, the result could lead to you losing your N Number.  Your aircraft would then be illegal to fly.  You could file a flight plan either with FSS or online, go to load up your plane, and find a FAA or TSA or Homeland Security agent waiting for you.  Very sticky indeed!

We’ll be posting this information as an ongoing advertisement in our E-newsletter The Texas Flyer.  You can subscribe to that for free by clicking on “Join E-News” on our home page.

Fly happy, fly safe!


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