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July 18, 2015

A Call To Action – 3rd Class Medical!

A special notice from Yasmina Platt, your AOPA regional representative and from the Experimental Aircraft Association

As you may have seen, AOPA President Mark Baker sent a Call to Action e-mail yesterday asking members to contact their legislators in support of 3rd class medical reform as included in the Pilot’s Bill of Rights 2 (H.R. 1062 and S. 571).

The Pilot’s Bill of Rights 2 would make improvements to the first Pilot’s Bill of Rights (Public Law 112-153) that overwhelmingly passed the Senate and the House a few years ago by addressing a number of issues important to all segments of general aviation. If passed, the Pilot’s Bill of Rights 2 would:

 - expand upon a current and successful FAA third-class medical exemption for certain general aviation pilots,

 - give general aviation pilots more rights when dealing with FAA enforcement actions,
 - urge expediting updates to the FAA’s Notice to Airmen (NOTAM) program to ensure pilots receive critical safety information as part of their pre-flight preparation, and
 - provide protections to volunteer pilots who fly in the public interest.

Third-class medical reform remains a pivotal issue for general aviation and its future. The FAA’s medical certification system has evolved into an onerous and costly one which provides little, if any, benefit to most general aviation pilots. The FAA recognized that fact more than 10 years ago when it created the Sport Pilot standard of medical certification, which allows pilots to operate light sport aircraft without obtaining a third-class medical certificate. It has been utilized safely and effectively by thousands of pilots flying tens of thousands of hours.

As of today, 26 Senators and 117 Members of Congress have signed on as co-sponsors of the Pilot’s Bill of Rights 2 but we need more and those co-sponsors that have already signed on need to hear from their constituents to ensure the request’s importance is heard loud and clear.

For a list of co-sponsors, visit:

To find your legislators, visit: http://whoismyrepresentative.com/


South Dakota Pilots Association Letter April 17, 2015 (pdf)


Sample Pilot's Bill of Rights 2 Letter (Word)

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you and safe skies,

Yasmina Platt | Regional Manager, Central Southwest Region
NM, TX, LA, OK, AR, KS, MO, NE and IA
Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association
O. 301.695.2096
Twitter Icon @AOPACentralSW

For a comprehensive look at the week in general aviation, visit http://www.aopa.org/thisweek

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